Formed towards the end of 2013, DONKEY ZOO are an exciting new music ensemble, fusing jazz, funk, hip-hop, R'n'B and dance into a thrilling mix. Led by multi-instrumentalist/composer Benjamin Turner, DONKEY ZOO is made up of great instrumentalists and some amazing singers. Not your typical 'jazz ensemble', the group are accessible and avoid the perception of jazz as an elite or exclusive genre. When you watch the band, you are bound to end up dancing and grooving to their unique style.

DONKEY ZOO can be found performing at various gigs and festivals around the UK. Band members also partake in a number of their own projects. DONKEY ZOO also hosts its highly successful unique live-music club night LIVESTOCK. 



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The Llama/Benjamin Turner - Synth/Alto Saxophone

The Panda/Sam Johnson - Tenor Saxophone

The Ferrett/Daniel Watts - Trumpet

The Frog/Phillippe Cato - Piano/Keyboards

The Brazilian Slug/Marco Basaglia - Guitar

The Hungarian Rat/Tim Russell - Bass Guitar

The Donkey/Will Edwards - Drums

The Mole/James Wood - Percussion

The Gerbil/Kirsty Hughes - Vocals

The Pony (Bullseye)/Tristan Landymore - Vocals

The Meerkat/Leo James - Vocals


ALSO: The Rabbit/Marlowe Thornes-Heywood - Guitar, The Bull/Twm Dylan - Bass Guitar and The Goat/Tom McMahon - Piano/Keyboards